The network is a community of lawyers in law firms, each one autonomous and independent, whose personnel have become colleagues working together to provide a Pan European and International legal advice service.

The Association has proved particularly advantageous to clients whose expanding business and investment interests brings them into contact with European Union law in the legal systems of Europe and also the legal systems of other international jurisdictions worldwide. The network continues to expand in keeping pace with both the accession of new member States in the European Union and the demands of increasing globalisation.

The Legal Link

Your legal link is quite straightforward and immediate in its operation. You let us know what legal advice or service you require in another jurisdiction.  Use our “Find a Lawyer by Country” facility to select a law firm for your requirements.  That firm will then deal directly with you in an efficient and client friendly way.  The aim of our web portal is to help you to find the right English-speaking lawyer in Europe and worldwide for your own particular needs and who is able to correspond with you in English. 


Members and international associate firms offer advice and services in relation to company and commercial law matters, property transactions (both commercial and domestic), and clients’ personal and family matters, as well as mediation and arbitration of disputes and, where necessary, Court action in all of these areas.

Our “Country Factsheets” menu offers general information on the law in some countries in Europe and farther afield.